July 27, 2015

Jesus Is Not Cool. He Is God.

The WashPost has an editorial on the recent trend in Church services designed to attract a new generation of cool, hipster Christians.
Do people want Christianity to be cool? What happens when churches become too driven by the desire to be trend-savvy and culturally relevant? Can a church balance hipster credibility within an orthodox tradition?

These were questions at the heart of my book “Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide,” which released five years ago. The book seemed to fascinate reporters, with outlets like The New Yorker, The Atlantic and NPR covering what they saw as a deliciously paradoxical story.

“If the evangelical Christian leadership thinks that ‘cool Christianity’ is a sustainable path forward, they are severely mistaken,” I wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, The Perils of ‘Wannabe Cool’ Christianity. “As a twentysomething, I can say with confidence that when it comes to church, we don’t want cool as much as we want real.”

Five years later, has the cool-church movement done anything to reverse trends of declining church attendance, particularly among young people?

Most evidence suggests the answer is no. Recent Pew Research data showed across-the-board declines in Americans who identify as Christian and dramatic increases in those who are “unaffiliated” with religion, particularly among younger adults.
This sounds like the "seeker" type of Christianity where instead of feeding the flock to enable them to become ambassadors for salvation, pastors aim to make non-Christians feel comfortable with watered down doctrine and popular music. Being comfortable with sin is not a wise career choice. Accommodating evil has rendered many popular denominations useless to God.

The mission of the Church is to prepare believers for ministry. By ignoring biblical instruction the purpose, the goal of the Church is defeated. Hosea 4:6 states that:
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.
Much of Jesus' earthy ministry was devoted to instructing the Jews; His Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7) and the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24) were instructions on how He expected them to live.  Scripture is replete with these instructions and yet the New Testament has not a single verse regarding corporate worship. You cannot sing your way into Heaven. It's not about the music, it's about changing your life to align it with God's Word. Unless you are fully committed to reading and comprehending Scripture, you cannot serve properly nor can you resist the pressures of life that discourage so many people.

There is a cost to discipleship. You can't sugarcoat it or hide it behind a trendy facade. You cannot please God and the world. As stated in Matt. 6:24:
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon [money, wealth or greed ~sig94].

Nights In White Satin

July 26, 2015

Sign Of The Times ... The End Tmes

It's not so much that these individuals want to honor the Father Of Lies because, really, who cares?

It's that they feel emboldened, empowered enough to bring it all out in the open.

Like homosexuality, what was once was shameful and practiced in secret is now respectable.

And where else but in Detroit? A ruined city brought low by the demonic Democratic practitioners of socialist lies.

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – A group is planning to unveil an 8-foot-tall bronze statue featuring a goat-headed Satan in Detroit during a gathering that’s being billed as the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.”

The Satanic Temple has said Saturday’s private event will be open only to people with tickets, $25 each. Invitations to “The Unveiling” summoned guests to prepare for “a night of chaos, noise, and debauchery… Come dance with the Devil and experience history in the making.” The event location is not being announced publicly and is known only to those with tickets.

The group said the bronze Baphomet monument, which weighs about one ton and has never been seen before in public, “is not only an unparalleled artistic triumph, but stands as a testament to plurality and the power of collective action.” The statue, which backed by an inverted pentagram and flanked by statues of two young children gazing up at the creature, shows Satan with horns, hooves, wings and a beard.

July 23, 2015

Sandra Bland Death - So Far No Evidence Of Foul lay

From The NY Post:
DALLAS — The autopsy of a woman who was found dead in a Texas jail revealed no injuries that would suggest she died in a violent homicide, authorities said Thursday.

Waller County prosecutor Warren Diepraam discussed details of the autopsy of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, who authorities say was found hanging in her jail cell on July 13.

The autopsy showed that Bland had no defensive injuries on her hands that would typically indicate a struggle, the prosecutor said. Some lacerations or abrasions were found on her wrists. Those injuries were consistent with a struggle while being handcuffed.

The marks around Bland’s neck were consistent with a suicide, he said.
Still need to see the serology lab results but if she had no visitors there probably will only be residual results if any (chemicals). She was in jail for three days and that is still a mystery. Why wasn't she bailed out?

In any event, she allegedly admitted that she had a previous suicide attempt in interviews with two of the jailors:
Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith has said that two jailers interviewed the 28-year-old black woman from Illinois. She told one of them that she was not depressed but was upset about her arrest, he said.

Smith said Bland appeared fine when being booked on a charge of assaulting a public servant.

Documents filled out for Bland indicate she had attempted suicide after losing a baby. But booking papers indicated she did not have suicidal thoughts when she was arrested and that no one at the jail believed she was at risk.

The idiot rookie cop who stopped her is on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. He should lose his job.
Encinia, who claimed Bland was combative and struck him, has been placed on administrative duties due to “violations of procedures regarding traffic stops and the department’s courtesy policy.”

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis told the Wall Street Journal that he is investigating whether Encinia violated any criminal laws during the arrest.

Addicted To Love

July 22, 2015

How Far Does Your Money Go?

The following graphic illustrates how far a c-note goes in various states.
Deep pink is best, pink is okay and yellow stinks.

Geo. Washington once threw a dollar across the Potomac. Ain't gonna happen now.

Source: American Irony.

American Pie, Hmmmm ... Pie

Car Jacking Or Car Hacking?

The more I read about new cars, the more I want wheels that were manufactured pre-1973; full bore Luddite, EMP resistant, hack-proof, analog vehicles.

Like everyone else, Chrysler uses software in its on-board entertainment package. But this one can be accessed over the internet. Two hackers put it to the test...
[...]The result of their work was a hacking technique—what the security industry calls a zero-day exploit—that can target Jeep Cherokees and give the attacker wireless control, via the Internet, to any of thousands of vehicles. Their code is an automaker’s nightmare: software that lets hackers send commands through the Jeep’s entertainment system to its dashboard functions, steering, brakes, and transmission, all from a laptop that may be across the country.
The hackers were only ten miles away when they took control of the vehicle, but distance is not a factor.

Chrysler's UConnect system uses Sprint's cellular network for connectivity, so researchers were able to remotely locate cars by scanning for devices using that particular spectrum band. Chrysler has been including UConnect in cars since late 2013, and any cars that use the system are likely to be vulnerable to the attack. There's no apparent firewall, so once attackers have located the device's IP, they can deploy previously developed exploits to rewrite Uconnect's firmware and control the car as if they had physical access.

Story here and here.

July 21, 2015

Squishy v. Crunchy

Apparently soft, cuddly babies are the opposite of M&M's.
Soft, chewy shell surrounding a hard crunchy center. Hmmm, love me some baby parts.
At least that's how Planned Parenthood (PP) views them.

The Center for Medical Progress has the story as PP medical direct Dr. Mary Gatter negotiates using a "less crunchy" technique for extracting those delicious, yummy baby bits.

Story here.

I'm Your Captain

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